Blenz Coffee

Launches Successful New Shake Using Digital Signage

Consumers are becoming more health conscious and this means cafes are starting to offer new healthy alternatives for their customers. Blenz Coffee is great example of a premium beverage retailer of handmade specialty coffee and teas launching a new line of drinks catering to health conscious consumers. They are the first franchise coffee retailer in Western Canada to introduce natural handmade shakes as a healthy meal replacement on their menu.

Blenz Coffee is able to quickly make these new offerings available chain-wide by utilizing their customer display boards and digital signage. All Blenz Coffee locations utilized customer display boards at the point of purchase, digital menu board, and signage to promote their drinks throughout the store. The commercial grade digital menu boards and poster boards enabled Blenz Coffee to upload content and display these new changes across British Columbia in a timely manner.

Blenz Coffee is able to update their menuboards with their new protein shakes in a matter of seconds, with images of assorted flavors. Quick product deployment in conjunction with their Protein Shake launch party- where everyone could sample the new beverages was a success and proved to be a great addition to the brand. All drink sales were carefully monitored during the campaign so adjustments could be made immediately.

Blenz Coffee streamlined their implementation process and ensured that the new products, prices, and changes were consistently made chain-wide. As a result, Blenz Coffee effectively responded to the changes in the market and launched several popular flavours that they could build on throughout the year.

The launch of their protein shake line was a huge success, through carefully integrating their marketing strategy at the store level using their their POS system.

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Vij's Group of Restaurants

Increases Order Efficiency with iPod Touch and iPads

Owned and operated by one of Canada’s top recognized Chefs, Vikram Vij and his wife and business partner Meeru Dhalwala, successfully deploy Auphan’s iPod Ordering handheld and iPad Waitlist System to increase efficiency at Vij's. 

Vij’s is one of Vancouver’s finest multi-award winning restaurants. After upgrading their system their staff wanted to fully utilize their new POS capabilities to increase efficiency in their operations. 

In June 2011, Auphan’s iPod Ordering handheld and iPad Guest Waitlist System was trialed and deployed. As of result, employees and managers saw an increase in ordering efficiency provided that all orders could now be processed and printed from the iPod. 

Guest overall dining and service experience is paramount at Vij's. In a typical night, five iPod ordering handhelds are used. Servers see a reduced need to return to the point of sale system to enter written orders. This keeps guest happy as more attention is focused on the guest experience. 

Servers are also reducing possible entry mistakes, as they can easily enter and review the entire order on the iPod with the customer. Any changes or order cancellations after it's sent could be notified quickly through a printout- faster than walking to the kitchen. 

Auphan’s iPod Ordering handhelds acts like a regular station where modifications, order changes, notes can be added into the order. It helps to alleviate congestion and time spent around the point of sale stations during busy nights.

In the same way, Vij’s also manages their guest waitlist using the iPad. The hostess can be stationed upfront or carry the iPad to waitlist a guest. The hostess and assisting managers can better view and add guest information (time, guest name, and party size) on the iPad or use any station. Multiple staff members are able to see the waitlist and table status by switching to the table map view to see which invoices are closed. 

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Auphan Software is pleased to have worked together with POS-X to successfully update more than 500 Quiznos restaurants throughout the United States with hardware, software staging, installation, and training. Quiznos, is one of North America’s premier quick-service chains and pioneer of the toasted sub. Quiznos is located in 50 states and more than 40 countries.

Global COO of Quiznos, George Jeffrey stated that “The companies involved in this project injected confidence, teamwork and trust from day one. Together, POS-X and Auphan had a solution that met our needs, as well as the needs of our Franchise Owners. We were able to successfully roll-out the new point-of-sale systems to the Quiznos United States franchise system within an extremely tight 6-week timeframe.”

Quiznos Subs