Digital Signage Solutions

  Communicate Better 

Digital Menus

Create compelling communication and marketing programs in-store. Our dynamic solution offers real time updates and changes, so you have full control over when and what you want to display new changes at your store.

  • Upload and display content in real-time
  • Schedule automatic updates and price distributions across multiple stores
  • User-friendly backend interface for users to manage and upload content
  • Link your Auphan POS with your digital menu and sync price updates immediately

Digital Poster Boards

Display full color images of your design with animated effects for eye catching posters

  • Full color images and graphics for in-store promotions
  • Cut printing costs and signage distribution delays 
  • Display advertising, events, videos, and more
  • Ability to allocate different content to quaderants of the board

Point of Purchase Customer Displays

Customer display screens are an excellent accessory for cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, or any takeout business that frequently offer fresh daily goods on their menu. Auphan's Customer Displays (CDU) is displayed at the point of purchase and attached to your POS. 

Your customers are able to view their orders and payment. This helps to reduce mistakes and speed up the ordering process. Promotions and ads can be displayed to entice customers standing  at the point of purchase. 

Preparation / Kitchen Display System

Help coordinate your front line and preparation staff using Auphan's Kitchen Display System (KDS).  Auphan's KDS System sends real-time information to the preparation area. Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food preparation area, Auphan's KDS uses the bump bar to "bump orders off" when it's made, kitchen monitor to display order information, order, and prep time. Orders can also be printed on a printer if connected. 


  • Improves service speed 
  • Decreases kitchen errors
  • Reduction in paper usage
  • Easy display of items orders on a single/multiple screens
  • View ticket times to determine how long order has been in production

Our Client's Digital Displays

The sky is the limit when designing and communicating your brand. Take a look at our clients and their impressive displays.