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 Why Auphan Quick Service Helps You Succeed

Quick Service Solutions

Auphan POS is designed to be fast and efficient to accept takeout, drive-thru, and eat in orders.  It's customizable screen and layout empowers users to process transactions quickly.

Quick Service Highlights

  • User-friendly and easy to learn for new and existing staff
  • Adaptable setup according to your quick service type (coffee, cafe, bakery, pizza, fast food kiosk, food truck etc.)
  • Automatic combo detection to increase efficiency and reminds staff to "upsell" products
  • Customizable screen layouts with added functions for barcode scanning retail products, scale integration, and more
  • Customer Management System
  • Flexible modification system with tracking
  • Full back office management and reporting system

Take-Out & Delivery Module

  • Caller ID Integration
  • Driver and Delivery Management for pizza and delivery specific operations
  • Centralized Call Center Management System 
  • Google maps integration to map fastest delivery routes

Online and Mobile Ordering

Setting up and maintaining your online ordering service is simple with Auphan. We provide customers a full online menu interface which you can control and upload new photos of your products anytime. For franchise and corporate customers, we'll work with you and review your existing website for additional needs. Call us today for a custom quotation and assessment of your business.

For independent and small business clients, enjoy 24/7 online promotion of your business at When you have their business online, you gain the full benefits of being able to update your menu and settings anytime. For those that don't have a website, Oftendining is an excellent way to get your business out there and increase sales by bringing in more customers through our desktop and mobile app.

Mobile Ordering & Payments

Easily accept customer orders via the mobile app. Our customized app solution lets your customers quickly order and pay online, at the time of delivery, or during pickup. Our customized app development ensures your app works perfectly and looks great on all devices. The full process of registering and maintenance is done by us on the Apple iTunes and Android Google Play store so you don't have to worry about updates and changes, letting you focus more on your business.

Small and medium operations can also take advantage of our mobile and online ordering services through It's an efficient and cost effective way for new owners to offer a mobile and web ordering service without investing a lot of time and development cost during your start up phase. Connect your online services to your website and watch your online business grow!

Gift, Loyalty, and Membership Programs

Reward current customers and encourage new ones. Auphan's integrated gift program allows a quick and flexible method of payment in-store and online, with zero risk for the merchant. Having your customers prepay for goods online or instore requires little effort and expense from you as a merchant. Replacing your gift certificates with a Gift Card Program and Loyalty Program allows you to trace card sales with ease and convenience on the POS, without manual tracking and paperwork.

Auphan's Loyalty and Membership Program, rewards your best customers every time they purchase from you.  Auphan's loyalty program provides merchants the ability to track spending and develop a reward program customized to your unique business. Cards are branded with your logo and design and can be used online or in-store to pay for purchases.