User-friendly, Flexible, and Robust

Restaurants, Bars, and Night Clubs

Table Service

Customized Table Service Features

Auphan’s offers a full front and back office management system. We provide the essentials for you to manage both sides of your operations. Our customized interface allows managers to easily drag and drop new tables, products, and change menu layouts and sections quickly. 

In restaurants where modifications are highly used,  servers can take advantage of the custom modification system, along with added flexibility in coursing dishes, applying discounts, splitting  bills and more for dining and casual settings.

Pay at the Table Integration

We provide Pay at the Table Integration with several popular credit card processors.
Pay at the table offers restaurants, chip and pin payments at the table to initiate  faster turnover, reduce credit card fraud, and enhanced customer experience.

For more information on payment processing with your Auphan POS, please ask our representatives for an up-to-date list of payment processors in your region.

Mobile POS Solutions

 iPod Touch and iPad

Take orders, split bills, manage orders all on your Auphan Mobile POS system.  Our Mobile POS solution gives clients the flexibility and versatility of a stationed point of sale system.

Let us demonstrate why so many clients love the convenience and ease of our Auphan's Mobile POS Solution. The iPod Touch POS lets you handle all front of house ordering while the the iPad offers full front and back office management features for servers and managers.

Inventory System

Manage and Track Inventory

Auphan’s offers a full system to  track and monitor inventory and current stock levels. 
Tracking your inventory is an important way to  identify items of concerns and discover products which may be lost, stolen, or spoiled during operation.

Popular features include automatic reordering of items based off your current sales data, building recipes for food and drinks to monitor costs of ingredients, centralized supplier information management, and customized reports for monitoring stock levels, purchases, and more.  Access to your inventory system can be done remotely or onsite for your added convenience.  

Bars and Nightclub Features

Surveillance on Your Smart Phone & POS

Everyone carries a smart phone these day.  Being able to access your restaurant or bar's surveillance system immediately when an break in or emergency occurs, gives owners more peace of mind over their operations.  Auphan's smart phone surveillance system allow you to view the event onsite on your phone. Devices includes (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Android). Our video surveillance provides you 24/7 viewing capability from anywhere. 

Our video surveillance camera system can be integrated with Auphan POS to capture videos and transactions as they occur. Transactions are embedded into the video for future playback.

Customer Tabs

Auphan POS keeps  tabs on customers roaming and moving to different tables throughout the night.  You can manage and store customer information in the database and generate reports for when payment is due. 

Kitchen/Prep  Display

With the Kitchen/Prep Display, you can display multiple drink orders for the bartender to view on a large LCD Screen for easy preparation. Drinks are consolidated to be prepared at the same time. 

Delivery and Takeout

Integration with Google Maps

Restaurants with high delivery volume will enjoy Auphan's POS integration with Google Maps. Google Maps and Auphan POS works together to assist your drivers in planning the quickest route once the order is entered into the  system.

Delivery drivers can easily track  all deliveries, record the time spent on route, and manage all payment collection totals. At the end of the shift, owners can expect an organized delivery drawer and success of each driver.

Online Reservations and Ordering

Get your business started on the right foot with Online Reservation and Ordering.

Auphan POS provides a built in reservation system to allow your customers to make reservations on your website and manage them on any Auphan POS device at your store.

  • Customers can book online on your website or through their phone
  • 24/7 reservations system
  • Manage customer contacts and details on your POS
  • Accept reservations from any POS station or Mobile POS 

Order Online

  • Order from your website or phone
  • Control and update your menu online anytime
  • Custom settings for ordering availability or stop online ordering during busy periods
  • Customer can order from any smart device or online from your website
  • Need a custom designed app for your restaurant. Ask us about our custom work.

Gift & Loyalty Card Program

Boost sales and increase customer loyalty year round. Our built in gift and loyalty program provides you the added value and savings. Along with that, get detailed reports and implement your new program in store and online with ease.

Get started and start saving:

  • Customize your Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards with your own branding
  • Customers can pay for purchases and collect points online using your gift card and in- store
  • Take advantage of the transaction-less payment processing when using the Auphan gift card system
  • Integration with several other popular processors also available