Get More Return on Investment

When you use Auphan for Table Service, you're getting more value for your restaurant and bar. Here's why:

Easy to Use.  We're focused on being user-friendly. Auphan's key-in such like splitting a bill, modifying, adding menu items and making changes is simpler and done in less steps so staff is trained faster.

Features Built-In. Online ordering, reservations, gift and loyalty, reservation programs are built in! This offers more opportunities to grow customers and sales without further development and costs.


We're always improving keeping you up-to-date.

Web Enabled 

Real-time access, anywhere, anytime.

Central Login

Access management and reports in one area.

24/7 Technical Support

Even on holidays we're here for you.

Auphan's Built-In Table Service Essentials

All table service essentials for front and back office management is built-in so you get all the best tools and features to manage your operations, with room to grow for new features as we perform upgrades.

  • User-friendly menu interface, drag and drop buttons
  • Table maps, modifiers, item count downs, and more
  • Course and seat assignments for fine dining
  • Staff time clocks for clock in/out, holiday pay, overtime
  • Takeout & Delivery Management/Customer Management
  • Seamless integrations built-in for online ordering
  • Pay at the Table Integration

    Get a Complete Guest Management and Reservations on your POS

    Guest Text Message (SMS) Notifications

    Freedom for your guests to wait anywhere. Send an SMS from any POS terminal to notify guest to return to your restaurant to be seated.

    Auphan's Reservation System notifies your guests of their upcoming reservation through text reminders. Designate an iPad POS to easily waitlist guest, text notifications, seat guest and book reservations at the front of house.

    Reservation & Guest Management System

    Why pay more when you have a Reservation & Guest Management System built-in to seamlessly work with your POS to improve customer experience.

  • Built in CRM to store customer information
  • Streamline bookings from website to POS
  • Email & SMS reminders to customers

    Generate Sales, While Guests Are Waiting

    Auphan's Roamer lets you take in orders, while guests wait. Easily organize a running summary of your guests orders for the night and move them to a table when needed.

  • Take guest drinks while they wait
  • Moves a waitlist guest invoice to a table or any area for lounges

    Stay Connected, No Matter Where You Are

    Get instant sales data from Auphan SmartDash on your smart phone.

    Remote in from any computer and access your POS without an distruption.

    Automate email reports sent to you or your collegues from your Auphan POS.

    Better Data Reports and Decisions

    Auphan's Advanced reports offers customized data reports so you get better insights.

    • Translate reports in visualize data charts and graphs

    • If you need a report that's specific, you can build your own customized report from selectable variables

    • Use Trend Analysis to visually compare your sales data

    Built-in Inventory System

    • Track Inventory, modifiers, build receipes, cost items

    • Consolidate purchases, orders, and supplier information

    • Purchases can be exported in popular accounting systems like Quick Books

    • Also integrated with Optimum Controls

    Increase Sales with Smart Features

    Loyalty and gift program to bring in more customers and sales. Valid in-store and online. Use gift cards to collect points and rewards.

    Manage your entire online ordering business. Setup your mobile app and website to accept orders and payments from your online platform.

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