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About Us

Auphan Software specializes in the development of Web Enabled Solutions for the Point-of-Sale (POS) and Enterprise Multi-location Management software for the Foodservice and Hospitality industry. Located in Vancouver, B.C, Auphan Software has become a trusted software developer to large number of independent businesses, chains, franchises, and public centers. Our sales and installation offices assist clients throughout Canada, United States, and Asia.

Auphan delivers user-friendly, point-of-sale and management software assist businesses in handling operational challenges and management's complex needs. We focus on the success of our clients - In their ability to exceed customer satisfaction, motivate, and accelerate the development of their business, and ability to freely manage operations with balance.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team works with organizations to personalize a solution that fits current and future technology requirements. We apply a consumer centric approach in the development of specialized software features shared among our users. Auphan's continues to make efforts in creating products that's accessible, innovative, and affordable for new entrepreneurs and expanding businesses.

Our Story

In 2002, two software engineers which later became three started a software company to develop custom software solutions for businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Amongst various projects, a new proposal for restaurant software was needed. This restaurant, like many needed a flexible and customizable interface that could handle multiple languages, take into account numerous modifications, organize take out and delivery extremely well and more. The son, who managed the technical aspect of the restaurant wanted to ensure it was easy for the staff to learn and use, and for himself to make changes when they needed support. Ultimately a system where, the operator has the freedom to step out of the restaurant but still have full access and cability to watch over it, view reports, or make changes remotely without disturbance. A system that could help operators manage their operations as if they were away, encouraging work-life balance.

At that time, there was a limited number of companies in the market that offered this type of POS system, with the software specifics, service, and budget reasonable for independent operators. Auphan Dining, was developed and has been improved to offer new features and innovations relevant for foodservice entrepreneurs and operators today.

Through word of mouth, continued improvements, and customer feedback, Auphan's restaurant, quick service, and enterprise solution and service team grew to become an agile operation, expanding from Vancouver B.C., to Washington, Los Angeles, eastern parts of United States and internationally to include Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vietnam and other cities in Asia and recently, Toronto. Today our systems are managed by our corporate distribution and installation network and can be seen at distinguished fine dining restaurants, fast food chains, bakeries, bars, night clubs, concessions, cafeterias, food trucks, public attractions, hotels, food courts, and drive-thru throughout North America and internationally.

About Us

About Us


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