Why Upgrade to Auphan POS?

Save Time & Money

If you're upgrading from a cash register or currently using an older POS, switching to Auphan POS can significantly reduce the time it takes to do your daily duties. Daily duties include cashing out at the end of the day, changing or editing prices on your menu, calculating work hours for payroll, tracking your inventory and more. Our system focuses on making daily chores easier and faster.

I have a POS already, but want the other features

What customers love about Auphan POS is that all features come included. If I want to add on more software capabilities you can do it anytime. If you currently have a POS system but want to use our other capabilities like digital menu boards and signage. Please come talk to us to see how we can make it happen.

Designs and User Interface

When you purchase Auphan POS, you're going to see better designs, simpler layout, and easier user interface. Other system interfaces are designed with the concept that more is better. But really, this leads to clutter and confusion. We've taken the time to design our products with care so the most used and essential buttons are out front.

Am I Buying to Own?

Yes. After your initial purchase you own the software, hardware, and data on your POS.

Is Internet Required

Yes and No. Auphan POS uses an advanced web technology so Internet is not required for your POS to function. This means you can perform all activities such as ordering, splitting the bill, editing your menu etc. However, you need Internet for any online services. Auphan POS will work independently entirely on location.

The purpose of an Internet connection is for remote access to your system, so you can login into your system from anywhere, integrated credit card processing, use of any online services, and receiving new software updates. It also enables us to support you faster. This is why we recommend all users to have an Internet connection, so you'll gain all the benefits of Auphan's Web Enabled POS solution.

Support Plans

Auphan POS does not have mandatory yearly or monthly licensing fee. These fees are not usually advertised or stated but are quite hefty. Auphan's optional support plans are well lower than any of our competitors. However, being on our support plan has its benefits. This includes receiving updates for new software improvements and upgrades, usage of our online services, technical support 24/7, and other "nice to have" services that will alleviate the stress of maintaining a smooth operation.

Improvements After Purchase

Yes. We are constantly improving our program to make it better, easier, and more competitive. We're developing features, adding new hardware, and partnering with those in the industry that will help us to provide more solutions for you. As a valued customer on our services, you will receive periodical upgrades sent through the Internet so your program never goes out of date. A technician will contact you when an update is an available.

More Questions?

If you have a feature request or suggestions, we're more than happy to listen and take your suggestions into development. Any feature we consider will become part of the new updates and changes that will benefit all our customers. The way we see it, if there is a feature you need, it may be needed by others too.

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