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Create a visual impact in real-time

Create amazing marketing and promotional displays with Auphan's Digital Signage System. Our centralized web enabled system is uniquely integrated with your point-of sale, allowing you to manage all your digital in-store content through a single interface. Auphan's digital menu boards gives you the flexibility to custom set prices or pull prices from your point-of-sale. Instantly save time, costs, and reduce mistakes, during price or menu item updates for single or multiple stores.

Single and multi-store operators can benefit from the flexibility in being able to quickly initiate speciality promotions at certain locations, display content during specific times of the day, schedule price updates, or instantly make changes as needed.

Reduce Mistakes, Speed up Service

Improve the pace of ordering at your store

Visually brand and improve the pace of ordering all together. Auphan's Customer Displays are an affordable addition for cafes and fast food establishments looking for ways to increase purchases, create awareness of new offers, speed up, and reduce mistakes at the point of purchase.

The customer display is attached to the point-of-sale terminal facing your customers, where a dedicated area on the screen allows them to view their full order with static promotional image or video.

Improve Kitchen Organization

Auphan's Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Take control of your kitchen with Auphan's Kitchen Display System (KDS). At a glance view food orders in progress and completed, find out and improve your kitchen's efficiency, measure stats and get reports on prep times. We offer a single, dual display, and complete KDS based on your needs.

Auphan's Bump Screen, setup in your preparation or kitchen area is preconfigured for orders to route to a specific station. You'll save on paper and eliminate potential lost orders. The KDS System (Bump and Expo Screen) works together, giving you an up-to-date order status of everything in your kitchen. Cooks and prep staff can easy view, consolidate items, be alert for modifications and allergies, and bump orders off when it's complete. Setup is available on the iPad, Android, and lcd display screens with various mounting options.

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View a summary of items at a glance

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Available on the iPad and Android tablet

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Built in reports and performance stats

Sound notifications to alert staff

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